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Founded May 10th, 2002

Wait a minute.., who are you guys, I mean, the page looks pretty cool and stuff, but who the heck are you people, and why are you making a site anyways ??

Well.., we're the Coldfront team, and we haven't actually made these sites and this network because one day we thought: hey, let's make some spiffy network !!!, there's more to it..

First of all, the name: Coldfront, 'what's up with that' are you saying ?, some will say it's because we're so damn cool, others will say that the name just sounds so good, but rumours go that the actual person, Frostbyghte, who made the Coldfront name up has some obsession about cold things..., it might be because he loves ice cream and cold beer, but personally I think it's because his last name is Snow..

The roots of the Coldfront core staff pretty much all originate from the Stratics network. FrostByghte was founder of the Stratics IRC network, and a lot of others were either pulled on board over time through either IRC (like myself), or through volunteering as webstaff.

But things change, people get other involvements, interests change, after time a lot of the core members stopped volunteering/working there and went their own ways with good and bad times to remember and getting a lot of experience in working with volunteers over these years..

So round #2 is on.., FrostByghte gave it a second try, knowing which traps to avoid after doing it the first time, and a new IRC server was launched with the intention of being a nice chat network without strict rules and just doing it for fun.

Coldfront was born.

Having made friends over time, you pretty much find each other back when interesting stuff is going on, so a lot of the old friends gathered back to this place called Coldfront, making new friends along the way as it is now.

But what's with this web thing then, you might ask.

Some of us did this at our previous network, we had a lot of fun doing it, so why not give it another try ?. So over the last few months we've successfully launched a number of sites next to this one about the subject that brought us together in the first place: Massive Multiplayer Online (Role Playing) Games !!!

So there you have it, a bunch of odd guys and gals, running a growing IRC network.

By Mag